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GIP Custom Mix

Do you want your very own custom GIP mix???

All custom mixes that are ordered will be 2oz by weight and bottled in our Glitter It Perfect bottles. 

Choose up to 4 colors by texting the glitter name you would like mixed in each text box. You must put a minimum of 2 glitters in the text box before you can checkout. 

If you are unsure of a glitter to use but, have a color in mind, please type " EX. Blue " in the text box. If you are unsure all together then, type " GIP " in the text box and we will choose a color for you. 

From time to time we may have products you want that are out of stock. In that situation if you are in our TIKTOK live we will ask you for an alternative color or we will choose a like color of our choice to complete your mix 

All Custom mixes will be done on TIKTOK live (You do not have to be present) and will be shipped the next business day.