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Mystery Chest - Glitter

This Mystery Chest will include the following: 

(5) - 2oz Bottles of Glitter 

(1) - Mica powder

We will go live on TikTok 3/2/2023 @ 7pm EST for you all to pick your chest.  Please keep in mind that if you order more than 1 chest, you could possibly get more than 1 of the same products. We will do our best to avoid or correct that issue as they come. 

We will be placing a couple coins randomly into chests beforehand. If you pick a chest that has a coin in it you will receive and extra gift from us. We will go down the list starting with the 1st order that comes through. If you ordered a chest and you are not in the live at the time we call your name/Order #, you will go to the bottom of the list. We do this to keep everything going as smooth as possible.

Will your chest have a Gold Coin??? We shall see...

***If you order other products with these mystery chests, they will not ship until 3/3/2023***