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Gilbert Grape - 10 grams

Note for wet applications: Working with fine pigments (small micron size) such as this can clump in your formula. Experienced formulators will mix the pigment with a small amount of batch material in something like a mortar and pestle. Once that small batch is colored and smooth with clumps mashed out, it is then added to the larger amount of base material.

Approved for all cosmetic use.

Micron Size: < 1.0 

INCL: Manganese Violet (Pigment Violet 16) (CI 77742) (CAS#: 10101-66-3)

Manganese violet is an inorganic salt ammonium manganese pyrophosphate used as a colorant.

Will Turn Gray in CP Soap on it's own but not always in mixtures. We suggest testing first.